Benefits of Plastic Packaging


Plastic often gets a bad rap from environmental pundits and those looking for someone to pin the blame on for the global warming crisis. But, in actuality, plastic is the most environmentally-responsible material of choice. The reason – it all comes down to the lifecycle of the material in question. Here is how plastic packaging actually benefits the environment instead of hurting it.

The Manufacturing of Plastic

When compared with the manufacturing of other packaging materials, plastic comes out the clear winner in everything from energy and water use to air and greenhouse gas emissions to solid waste creation. Creating plastic requires less energy than many other materials, thus its manufacturing reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that enter the environment. 

Plastic Does More With Less

Unlike many other materials, plastic has an extremely high resiliency that allows it to accomplish more with less. For example, it takes just two pounds of plastic to deliver ten gallons of liquid. In comparison, it would take three pounds of aluminum, eight pounds of steel, or more than forty pounds of glass to perform the same job. And, because plastic is so much lighter than these other materials, it naturally equates to less fuel being consumed during shipping. In fact, it takes seven trucks to deliver the same number of paper bags as one truckload of plastic bags. In this regard, plastic not only requires less energy to produce than paper bags, it also saves fuel and energy in its shipping.

Plastic Manufacturers are Constantly Improving Their Products

The plastics industry is one of the few that is actually dedicated to finding ways to reduce and reuse. Plastic is not only recyclable, it is also continually in a state of innovation. For instance, since 1977 the common two-liter plastic soft drink bottle shrunk from 68 grams to 47 grams. This is a 31% drop in the amount of plastic required to make each bottle and a 180 million pound reduction in plastic packaging by 2006. And, this is just for two-gallon soda bottles.

Plastic Is Recyclable and Re-Usable

Plastic is one of the only materials that can be recycled into an infinite number of products. Yesterday’s milk cartons can be tomorrow’s sealable food containers. Thanks to the nearly endless lifecycle of plastic, less and less plastic is entering the nation’s landfills. It is constantly being recycled and refashioned into the things we use every day.  

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