Plastics in Building and Construction


When one thinks about the materials used in the nation’s building and construction industry, it’s usually concrete, rebar, and glass that spring to mind. But, believe it or not, this industry is actually the nation’s second largest consumer of plastic next to the packaging industry.

Here, US Cast, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of acrylic rod and tubes, sheds light on why and where plastic is so widely used in the building and construction industry.

Why is Plastic In-Demand in the Construction Field?

Plastic plays an integral role in the construction and building industry because it is lightweight, highly durable, easy to handle, affordable, and easy to install. It is non-corrosive, impervious to chemicals, and it has a superior strength-to-weight ratio that’s hard to beat. Plastic can also be custom fabricated for just about any application.

Plastic is so prevalent in the building industry that it is not restricted to just major construction projects. Plastic is also found on the end-user level because it is cost-effective, it saves energy, and makes a home renovation project go smoother. It also provides a wide diversity of options and resources. Today, plastic is being used to create tubs, showers, and sinks. It is also used for architectural touches like intricate wall, door, and window moldings that resemble high-end materials like marble or hand-carved wood, but at a fraction of the weight and price.

Where is Plastic Featured in Construction and Building?

Plastic can be found throughout the construction field and in all types of buildings. In plumbing, it is used for pipes, valves, and fittings. It is also used to make siding, flooring and non-skid surfacing, insulation, doors, windows, bathroom units, decking, and railings. Plastic is used for everything from heavy-duty exterior applications like reinforcement rods to delicate interior decorative touches. In truth, there is a growing list of both structural and interior uses for plastic. Plastic is also used for housing sensitive electronic equipment used in modern commercial buildings because unlike metal, plastic does not interfere with radio frequency or magnetic waves.

US Cast is Your Complete Source for Acrylic Rod and Tubes

Are you working on a construction project that requires custom acrylic rod and tubes? US Cast is one of the country’s leading plastic manufacturers and we can help you get the materials you need to lower your costs and improve your results. We can custom-fabricate acrylic rods and tubes for any sized project.  

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