Plastics vs. Ceramics


Ceramics have been used for a wide array of purposes, almost since the dawn of man. The material is so long-lasting and durable that it has literally stood the test of time. Today, there are still excavation sites uncovering pots, plates, and other forms of pottery made from this incredible clay-based material.

But, just because ceramic has been around for centuries doesn’t mean that there aren’t newer technologies available that can provide for better, even longer-lasting results. In fact, for years performance plastics, such as high-density acrylic rod, have been replacing ceramics in a host of applications.

This has us wanting to know – which is better, performance plastics or ceramics?

Why Choosing Plastics Over Ceramics Makes Sense

One of the most attractive characteristics about ceramic is its long-lasting durability. But, over time, the material does start to weaken. This is easily proven by the fact that very rarely are unbroken pieces of pottery ever found in excavation sites. Ceramic can and does break, despite its durability.

Performance plastics, on the other hand, are extremely durable and impact-resistant. Plastic can stand up to virtually every type of punishment that gets thrown at it, including extreme weather, intense jostling, and even drops.

Unlike ceramic, plastic can also be easily manufactured and fabricated into an endless array of sizes and shapes. Plastic is lighter, easier to transport, and it is quicker and less expensive to make than ceramic.

Plastic is also the only material on the planet that can be used in virtually every industry. Plastics play important roles in today’s medical field as well as industries such as transportation, communications, food preparation and serving, architecture, and more. Ceramic’s use, on the other hand, is extremely limited.   

Plastic is Sustainable and Recyclable

Although ceramic is considered a “natural” material, it is actually less sustainable than plastic. This might be surprising to some people, but plastic actually makes a better choice, environmentally speaking. For starters, plastic requires much less energy to produce than ceramics. And, plastics can be recycled again and again, thus extending the life of the material several-fold over ceramics, which are essentially single-use products. This makes performance plastics the most sustainable man-made product available.

Plastic is also able to do more with less. Plastic manufacturers are constantly re-inventing their products to make them lighter, stronger, and better, whereas ceramics haven’t changed much since the material was first produced thousands of years ago.

Plastic Is the Future

While all materials, including wood, metal, glass, and ceramic, will have a part to play as our world progresses, none will have the impact or importance of performance plastics. Plastic plays a key role in our everyday life and it helps make things work better, last longer, and cost less. No other material improves the sustainability of our planet like plastic.  

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