As one of the nation's leading manufacturers of cast acrylic tube in a variety of dimensions, we provide our customers with the highest quality products available to meet the most demanding applications.

As an environmentally-conscious member of the community, US Cast is proud to produce a product that is superior to any alternative when viewed exclusively from an environmental perspective.

As our name suggests, US Cast specializes in cast  acrylic tube and rod. Although it can also be molded or extruded, casting acrylic produces a tube or rod that is stronger and cleaner. It is more machinable and more heat resistant.

Acrylic is also better for the environment. Its lightweight strength and unsurpassed clarity are vital to reducing the weight of shipping containers, and the commercial vehicles that move those containers. That saves fuel, contributing to a sustainable reduction of carbon emissions.

US Cast has the technology at our 30,000-square-foot facility to produce acrylic tube and rod that has uniform physical qualities in all dimensions. Our adherence to manufacturing only the highest-quality product has been the chief reason for our success.

Unfortunately, our products have been unnecessarily tarnished with the negative publicity associated with plastic packaging. The wasteful and careless disposal of the ubiquitous plastic grocery bag has understandably given “plastic” a bad name. The fact is that our products play a critical role in our nation's electrical grid, reducing costs and maintaining superior physical qualities.

US Cast has been a family-owned business since our inception over 60 years ago. We began, and will continue, with the single goal of providing our customers with the highest-quality and most environmentally responsible product available.

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