Plastics and Natural Disasters


The environment is one that is constantly shifting and in some cases, when weather patterns shift too rapidly, natural disasters can occur. In recent years, The United States and other countries around the globe have suffered catastrophic amounts of damage from tornados, hurricanes, tropical storms, tsunamis, and other major natural disasters. And, in each of them, plastic has played a large role in helping people stay protected and in the post-storm clean-up efforts.

Here, U.S. Cast, one of the country’s leading cast acrylic tube distributers and manufacturers explains plastic’s importance in dealing with natural disasters.

Plastic and Pre-Storm Preparation

If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, then plastic plays a big role in your preparedness, specifically a type of plastic called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a clear, rigid plastic that’s well known for its incredible impact strength. In fact, this plastic is what is commonly known as “bulletproof glass.” Because polycarbonate is so strong, it is frequently used to create hurricane window covers and shutters. This material helps protect window glass and home interior against flying debris and when used, it can not only save a home from experiencing a tremendous amount of damage, but it can also help reduce one’s homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Another popular plastic used in disaster preparedness is polyethylene film. This is a plastic sheeting material that is used to cover hillsides that are prone to mud slide risks. The plastic sheeting covers the hillside and protects it against heavy, pounding rains. Instead of the water soaking into the ground, it is diverted to specific areas where it won’t do as much harm.

Plastic and Post-Natural Disaster Clean-Up

It can take days, months, and sometimes even years to clean up after a natural disaster. And, during this time, plastic has several important roles to fill. For instance, polyethylene or polycarbonate sheeting is also used to help build makeshift shelters that are quick to install and weather-resistant. They are also easily transportable and they can be built to virtually any specifications.

In oil spill disasters, plastic collection bags are vitally-important to getting the oil out of the ocean. Heavy duty machinery is also brought in which features a plastic squeegee-like apparatus that grabs the oil from the surface of the water. The oil sticks to the plastic thanks to plastic’s high surface tension. The squeegee apparatus is then cleaned, the oil is captured, and then the process is repeated.

Plastic's Effect on the Morale After a Natural Disaster

Plastic’s most important role in a natural disaster is arguably the impact it has on the morale of this affected by the storm. With so much loss and devastation, plastic makes it possible for people to have some sense of hope. This comes in the form of plastic water bottles, medical supplies, food cartons, and more. And, once the clean-up efforts are over and the community is stabilized, all of the used plastic items can be recycled into products that may be needed elsewhere when the time comes.

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Without plastic, natural disasters would cause billions more in damage and the clean-up efforts would be nowhere near as quick or effective. From preparedness to after a natural disaster hits, plastic saves lives, protects property, and helps communities rebound.

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