Cast Acrylic Rod: Extruded Continuous vs Cell Cast


Acrylic rods, tubes, and sheets are typically created using one of two different techniques – extruded continuous or cell cast. Both techniques produce acrylic products that resemble each other very closely but there are some differences. For this reason, it is important to have a better understanding of what each process involves and how it can affect the quality of your product.

The primary difference between these two production techniques is in the thermal and chemical properties of the final product. These differences make the materials respond differently to various temperatures, processes, and solvents.

Here are the advantages of acrylic products produced using extruded continuous and cell cast methods.

Why Choose Extruded Acrylic?

Extruded acrylic is produced by the continuous pushing of ab acrylic mass through a form. While the acrylic materials are being pushed, a chemical process takes place that results in a heterogeneous material with properties that vary depending on the direction.

The extrusion process is capable of producing acrylic that has much less variation is thickness, typically +/-5%. It is also the more affordable of the two manufacturing processes, especially when manufacturing large pieces.

Extruded acrylic is also extremely lightweight and highly accommodating to heating, bending, and vacuum forming. This is because it is easier to bend and shape than cell cast acrylic. Extruded acrylic can also be flame-polished to a glass-like finish.

Why Choose Cell Cast Acrylic?

Cell cast acrylic is produced by mixing acrylic ingredients in molds. Once the ingredients are combined, a chemical process occurs that results in the creation of a homogeneous material with equivalent properties in all directions.

Cell cast acrylic has a greater thermal stability than extruded acrylic. It can easily be reworked if heated and it can be produced in a wide array of colors and thicknesses, although its thickness variation (+/- 15%) is a little higher than extruded cast acrylic.

Despite being a lightweight acrylic, cell cast acrylic has better resistance to solvents and it has a harder surface than extruded acrylic. It also wins in optical clarity, making it ideal for applications such as plaques and awards, store displays, aquariums, furniture, and picture frames, just to name a few.

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