Plastics and Power Plants

Every day, we rely on power plants to generate and deliver the power we need and use in order to live more comfortably. But, what many people don't know is that plastic plays a major role in today's power plants. In fact, without the resiliency and long-lasting durability of plastic helping to keep operational costs down, our utility bills would more than likely skyrocket. 

Here, US Cast, one of the nation's leading cast acrylic rod distributors and manufacturers shares more facts about plastic's role in our nation's power plants.

Where is Plastic Used in Today's Power Plants?

Plastic is used in a wide variety of capacities in today's power plants. It is used in flue gas stacks, belt scrapers, slider beds, aeration pits, ball blanketing and acid tank scrubbers, filter nozzles, storage tanks, and much more.

Why are Plastics Used in Power Plants?

Plastic has several key characteristics that make it uniquely suitable for use in power plant environments, including:

  • It is a cost-effective material
  • It is highly durable and resilient
  • It is resistant to chemicals and saltwater
  • It is non-corrosive
  • It is resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • It is strong, yet lightweight
  • It prevents erosion, evaporation, and contamination
  • It can be forged with high mechanical properties
  • It has a lower thermal conductivity value than metal
  • It is an excellent insulator
  • It can withstand pressure
  • It lasts twice as long as wood in cooling towers

Plastic's Effect on the Environment

Plastic, being a man-made material, is often viewed as being bad for the environment. But, the manufacturing of plastic actually has a very low impact on the environment as a whole. When compared to many other materials, plastic is surprisingly eco-friendly. Plus, plastic is 100% recyclable and this alone makes it one of the best materials available in any capacity in regards to the environment.

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