Plastics in the Marine Industry


Due to the corrosive nature of sea water, plastics have become a crucial factor in the success of the modern marine industry. Plastic is naturally resistant to salt water, UV rays, sunshine, chemicals, and corrosion, so they offer a perfect, and affordable solution for a variety of maritime applications. 

Here, US Cast, one of the nation's leading cast acrylic tube distributors and manufacturers shares more facts about plastic's role in the modern marine industry.

What are the Benefits of Using Plastics in the Marine Industry?

Plastic offers several key advantages that make it a valuable resource to the maritime field, including:

  • It is resistant to salt water, weather, chemicals, ultra-violet light, and abrasion
  • It is odor and stain resistant
  • It is stable, rigid, flexible, and lightweight
  • It cleans easily
  • It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • It is thermoformable and can be manufactured to precise dimensions
  • It won't warp or delaminate
  • It has low moisture absorption
  • It does not rot, splinter, or swell
  • It offers excellent bearing and wear performance
  • It is cost-effective and available in many colors
  • It is non-conductive

Where is Plastic Used in the Marine Field?

Plastic is widely used throughout all aspects of today's marine industry, from the consumer side to the commercial side. It is used in fishing rod holders and racks, boat and dock bumpers, switch board panels, pump bearings, swim platforms, fuel lines, cowls, fairings, decking, windows, sealing, and much more.

Plastic's Effect on the Environment

Even though plastic is a man-made material, its manufacturing has a substantially low impact on the environment and this makes it a very eco-friendly material. In addition, the cost of raw materials, the processing of that material, the manufacturing, transport, and installation of plastic is safer, more effective, and better on the environment than almost all other currently available alternatives. Plus, plastic is 100% recyclable and this makes it one of the best materials available in any capacity in regards to the environment.

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Without plastic, the marine industry would suffer. Ships wouldn't be as safe, they wouldn't be as safe, and the cost of transportation would likely skyrocket. At US Cast, we can custom fabricate cast acrylic tubes and rods precisely for any maritime application. To learn more about the qualities of our plastics or to place and order, just give us a call today at 856-347-2342 or connect with us on Facebook.


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