Plastics in the Electrical Industry

Thanks to its excellent insulating properties and its high-durability, affordability, and its ability to be easily machined to exact specifications, plastic plays an integral role in today's electrical industry. It is utilized in a wide array of applications, from insulation to lenses to conduits and more. 

Here, US Cast, one of the nation's leading cast acrylic tube manufacturers, shares more facts about plastic's importance to the modern electrical industry.

What are the Benefits of Using Plastics in the Electrical Industry?

Plastic offers several key advantages that make it a valuable resource to the electrical field, including:

  • Plastic is cost-effective
  • It is non-conductive and an excellent insulator
  • It is temperature resistant
  • It is resistant to chemicals, ultra-violet light, and abrasion
  • It has a high hydrolytic stability
  • It is lightweight
  • It is creep resistant
  • It has a low flammability
  • It is thermoformable and can be manufactured to precise dimensions
  • It can be made static dissipative or fully conductive
  • It is impact resistant

Where is Plastic Used in the Electrical Field?

Plastic is used all throughout the electrical field. It is used to shield and insulate wire, as well as cable jacketing and Plenum-rated wire, conduits, connectors, and circuit breaker housings. It is also used in the manufacturing of circuit boards, test boards, arc shields, test sockets and fixtures, radar gun lenses, and more. Today's high-powered fiber-optic telecommunication networks all consist of fiber optic cabling that is at its base, plastic.

Plastic's Effect on the Environment

Plastic is one of the few man-made materials to provide a substantially low impact on the environment. The cost of raw materials, the processing of that material, the manufacturing, transport, and installation of plastic is safer, more effective, and better on the environment than almost all other currently available alternatives. The fact that it is also recyclable makes plastic one of the best materials available in any capacity in regards to the environment.

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