Plastics and Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the United States, and every day, farmers rely on the durability of plastic products to help ensure consistent results while keeping operational costs to a minimum. Plastics are so heavily used in agriculture that the practice even has its own term – plasticulture.   

Here, US Cast, one of the nation's leading cast acrylic tube manufacturers and distributors shares more facts about plastic's role in our nation's agriculture industry.

Where is Plastic Used in Agriculture?

Plastic is widely used throughout the modern agriculture industry. It is used in everything from irrigation drip tape and tubing, nursery pots, soil fumigation film, and silage bags to plastic plant and soil coverings, plastic mulch film, walk-in polytunnels, and soil fumigation film. Many different types of greenhouses also utilize plastic sheeting and other plastic components.

What are the Benefits of Using Plastic in the Agriculture Industry?

The use of plastic provides several important benefits to farmers and companies in the agriculture industry, including:

  • It is easy to manufacture, which makes it a highly-affordable material
  • It is highly flexible and resilient
  • It is resistant to chemicals
  • It is non-corrosive
  • It is resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • It is strong, yet lightweight
  • It prevents erosion, evaporation, and contamination
  • It helps prevent water loss
  • It stabilizes UV rays to help keep the soil cool and prevent insect infestations
  • It eliminates photosynthetically-active radiation to prevent weed growth

Plastic's Effect on the Environment

Because plastic is a man-made material, it is often viewed as being bad for the environment. But, the truth is, when compared with the manufacturing of other materials, plastic manufacturing has a substantially lower impact on the environment, thus making the material surprisingly eco-friendly. Plastic is also one of the only materials that is 100% recyclable, making it one of the best materials available in any capacity in regards to the environment.

In regards to the agriculture industry, plastic products are used for very long periods of time. Due to the durability of the material, products made from plastic do not require replacing nearly as often as they would if they were made from another material. This reduces the need for more products and helps keep material out of landfills.

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