Plastics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Plastic plays a huge role in modern medicine, and nowhere is it as vital as in the pharmaceutical industry. Plastic is particularly useful in the pharmacy field due to its durability, affordability, and its ability to be easily machined to exact specifications.

The fact that plastic can also be sterilized makes it the leading material used in pharmaceutical packaging. Here, US Cast, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of cast acrylic tubes and rods shares more facts about plastic's dominance in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the Benefits of Using Plastics in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Plastic offers several key advantages to pharmaceutical suppliers, including:

  • Plastic is a cost effective material
  • It is non-flammable
  • It provides quick delivery of emergency medicine
  • It is antimicrobial
  • It can be sanitized using hot or cold water in combination with harsh chemical cleaners and other detergents
  • It is lightweight
  • It is temperature-resistant
  • It is chemically-stable
  • It can be manufactured to precise dimensions
  • It meets the highest USP and FDA standards, and North American and
  • European regulations
  • It fits easily into self-lubricating devices

Where is Plastic Used in the Pharmacy Field?

Plastic is used along every line of the pharmaceutical process, from manufacturing to delivery. It plays a significant role in the production of pills and tablets; it is used in the packaging of medications (blister packs, bottles, droppers, single dose systems, etc.), and in ampules, vials, syringes, and IV containers and infusion devices. It is also used in medication tubing, syrup bottles, topical medication and powder packaging, and more.

Plastic's Effect on the Environment

Unlike other materials, plastic has a substantially lower impact on the environment as a whole. When one considers the cost of raw materials and what it takes to process, manufacture, transport, and install plastic, it is safer, more effective, and better on the environment than most other alternatives. The fact that it is also recyclable makes it an easy choice.

Cast Acrylic Tube Custom Fabrication for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Without plastic, medications would cost more, procedures would be more risky, and infections more likely. At US Cast, we can custom fabricate cast acrylic tubes and rods precisely for your application. To learn more about the qualities of our plastics or to place an order, just give us a call today at 856-347-2342 or connect with us on Facebook.


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