Plastics in Electronics

Our modern society relies on computers and electronics in virtually every aspect of our lives. We use them in the home and at our jobs. We use them at work and at play. We even walk around every day with them in our pockets.

Take a moment and think about the electronics you use every day. In the kitchen, you have your appliances. In your living room, you have your television, a stereo, and gaming consoles. At work, you probably have a computer, a fax machine, a telephone, and a printer. And then there are your mobile devices, such as your smartphone, your tablet, and your laptop.

There’s not a single part of our day where we aren’t using some type of electronic device or appliance. And none of it would be possible without plastics.

Why is Plastic So Valuable to the Electronics Industry?

Plastics play a key role in every single piece of electronics equipment. And, there are a variety of reasons for this, the most important one being – plastics make progress possible. Other major reasons for plastic’s value to the electronics industry include:

  • Plastic is the best insulator for electrical circuits
  • Plastic is a poor conductor of heat and it can even be made flame-resistant
  • Plastic is lightweight
  • Plastic allows for freedom in design, it can be fabricated in any shape, color, or texture
  • Plastic is non-corrosive, making it more durable than most other materials
  • Plastic is energy-efficient, requiring less fossil fuels to produce than other materials
  • Plastic is recyclable, allowing a single piece of plastic to be used again and again
  • Plastic is cost-effective and extraordinarily long lasting

Where are Plastics Used in the Electronics Industry?

Plastic can be found in ample supply in all of our most commonly used electronics, including, but not limited to:

  • Telephones, handsets, keyboards, monitors, and computer housings
  • Circuit breakers and switch gear
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Electrical components
  • Fuse boxes, knobs, switches, handles
  • Coffee machines and toasters
  • Cable and wire insulation and trunking
  • Hi-fi lids and tape deck windows
  • Circuit boards
  • TV housings and cabinets
  • Knobs and switches

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