4 Properties of Clear Acrylic Tube


There is a long-standing debate over whether or not clear acrylic tubes are superior to glass. While we can say that glass is useful for certain applications, in the vast majority of cases, any application that calls for glass can utilize clear cast acrylic in its place to greater effect. The reason is because cast acrylic offers certain properties that glass simply can't match.

Here, we take a closer look at the properties of clear acrylic.

Optical Clarity

Clear cast acrylic has a remarkable 93% transparency rate. This means that it is one of the clearest materials available. It can also be chemically welded together to form a solid piece with no noticeable seams and no reduction in transparency. This gives acrylic amazing light transmission properties.

Glass, on the other hand, tends to take on a greenish color the thicker it is made and multiple panes can only be connected using adhesive, which leaves highly visible seams.

Resistance to Aging

Acrylic is essentially resistant to aging, meaning that it will look just as clear in ten years as it does today. The reason is because cast acrylic is unaffected by sunlight or fluorescent lighting.


While glass can be very heavy, acrylic is noticeably lighter. In fact, acrylic weighs half as much as glass. This makes clear cast acrylic the preferred choice for overhead signs and other applications where weight needs to be taken into consideration.

Impact Resistance

Acrylic tubes have seventeen times greater impact resistance to glass. Acrylic sheets have two to three times more impact resistance than double strength window glass and four to five times the impact resistance of wire glass and several other types of glass. Unlike glass, acrylic is also shatter resistant and extremely resilient under a variety of temperatures and conditions.

US Cast's Acrylic Rods and Tubes are Certified Products

At US Cast, our clear acrylic tubes and rods are cast according to the highest industry standards. All of our products conform to specifications of ASTM D5436 and are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet FDA standards specified under CFR 21 177.1010. Our acrylic products are also UL approved for flame resistance according to UL 94HB. For the best cast acrylic tubes and rods, call US Cast today at 856-347-2342. 


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