Plastic and Our Military


For years, Kevlar has been the primary material used to help our soldiers stay safe in the field. But, by 2019, that’s all going to be changing as plastic starts being implemented in our military’s protective gear.

Why would the military change its material of choice for its soldiers’ protective gear? As it happens, plastic offers a variety of benefits over Kevlar. Here, US Cast, a leading plastic manufacturer, explains why the change is happening and how plastic just makes better sense.    

Plastic is Lighter Than Kevlar

One of the most important differences between plastic and Kevlar is that plastic can provide the same level of protection at a fraction of the weight. In fact, the military is currently field-testing a new plastic-based Torso and Extremities Protection system that weighs just 23 pounds. This new system is 26% lighter than the previous Kevlar-based system.

This new plastic-based protection system can make a dramatic difference for soldiers, especially when you consider that for a soldier in the field, speed and maneuverability are essential for staying alive.

Plastic is Less Expensive Than Kevlar

It is currently unclear just how much the military can save by making the shift to the new plastic-based protection system, but it is definitely going to be less expensive to produce. Plastic is cheaper and more readily available than Kevlar, so the savings will certainly make a difference on military budgets across the field.

Plastic Offers the Same Level of Protection as Kevlar

Another important benefit of plastic is that it offers just as much protection as Kevlar. And, plastic-based protection gear can even be scaled up or down to accommodate the level of risk the soldier is facing on a day to day basis. For example, in less risky environments, a soldier can wear lighter, less intrusive gear, while in riskier environments, a soldier can wear as much protection as needed without the added weight impacting their flexibility and mobility.

Plastic Makes It Possible for Female Soldiers to Enjoy Comfortable Protection

Kevlar-based protection systems are notorious for being uncomfortable to wear for female soldiers because they’re rigid and almost universally designed to fit male soldiers. But, thanks to plastic’s moldable character, it allows for unisex versatility and comfort. Plastic has made it possible for today’s military to have a lightweight, affordable, effective, and comfortable protective system that accommodates both male and female soldiers.

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